Award Details


The LIGHT Awards Program supports teachers by making grants for teacher-selected professional development.  Grant award details include:

  • The LIGHT Awards makes grants of $20,000 or $30,000 over two years.
  • Grants are made in payments of $10,000 or $20,000 in the first year, and $10,000 in the second.
  • The grant award must be expended during the two-year grant period.
  • Grants are announced and distributed annually in the late spring to allow for summer planning or attendance at summer training experiences.
  • Grant implementation must start by the beginning of the next school year after which the grant is received.

Participation Requirements

The following are requirements of LIGHT Awards grantees:

  • Participation in an annual gathering of awardees.
  • Participation in an alumni network.
  • Submission of annual narrative and financial reporting on project progress, learnings, challenges and expenditures.
  • Production of a shareable final product at the end of the project.

Important Dates

Oct 16, 2018 2019 Application cycle opens
Nov 16, 2018 Application cycle closes;
last day to submit Letters of Intent
Dec 2018 Informational Webinar
Jan 10, 2019 Application deadline

Keep In Touch

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