Project Criteria

Project Requirements

The LIGHT Awards Program supports teacher participation in experiences that fulfill some or all of the following criteria:

  • Renew educators’ passion for and commitment to teaching.
  • Demonstrate relevance for teachers, schools and/or beyond.
  • Have the potential to have school-wide, district-wide, and/or system-wide impact.
  • Enhance teacher leadership skills.

Project Restrictions

When developing your project and budget please be aware that the LIGHT Awards cannot be used for the below purposes.

  • The LIGHT Awards does not fund one-time events, master’s program tuition, board certification costs, nor travel outside of the U.S.
  • The LIGHT Awards does not award grants to solely purchase technology equipment and classroom supplies. Funds for equipment and classroom supplies can be requested as a component of a project, but must be justified based on their integration with the proposed project and must not exceed 25% of the total project budget.
  • LIGHT Awards funds cannot be used to compensate team members for the time they spend on their projects. It can be used to pay for substitute teachers when team members are participating in project related events and activities.
  • LIGHT Awards funds cannot be used to cover team members’ childcare costs.
  • The LIGHT Awards does not consider submissions led by staff or administrators. It supports ideas and projects driven by teachers.

Selection Process

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation Board, Advisory Board and education experts. We highly value innovation, collaboration, and measurable impact, and will rate applications based on these factors.

Important Dates


Oct 16, 20182019 Application cycle opens
Nov 16, 2018Application cycle closes;
last day to submit Letters of Intent
Dec 2018Informational webinar

Keep In Touch

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