Project Ideas

The LIGHT Awards Program believes that teachers are motivated, creative, smart individuals who know what they, their schools, and their students need to thrive. Groups of teachers are asked to identify high-quality professional development opportunities in which they would like to participate. Those opportunities vary widely from attending trainings and sharing learnings with fellow teachers to co-developing curriculum to establishing after-school clubs. Project possibilities are only limited by the creativity of applicants.


    Questions to spark your project idea brainstorming:

    1.  What have I always wanted to learn about and pursue, but never had the funding to do so?
    2. What project would interest many of my colleagues?
    3. What do my colleagues on the team want to learn most?
    4. If I could learn something to enhance my teaching career, what would it be?
    5. What could I learn to feel more confident and excited about teaching?

    Project Examples

    Train with Experts

    Create a Learning Community

    Explore Instructional Strategies

    Important Dates

    Oct 5 – Nov 14, 2023 LOIs Accepted for 2024 Grant Cycle (rolling submissions)
    By mid-Dec 2023 Invitations to Apply Extended to Selected LOI Submissions
    Spring 2024 LIGHT Awards Grants Made

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