Project Ideas


Questions to spark your project idea brainstorming:

  1. What have I always wanted to learn about and pursue, but never had the funding to do so?
  2. What is a project that would empower teachers to meet students’ needs?
  3. What project would interest many of my colleagues? What do my colleagues on the team want to learn most?
  4. What project can my school district and principal support?
  5. If I could learn something to enhance my teaching career, what would it be?

Project Examples

Train with an Expert


Build expertise in a specific subject-area by attending a workshop or hiring a consultant.

Train teachers in social and emotional learning.

Prepare to teach using the Common Core standards.

Enhance your classroom experience with creative use of technology.

Learn how to effectively use project-based learning.

Develop anti-bullying approaches and techniques for your school.


Create a Learning Community


Partner with a museum, corporation or other local resource to bring real-world expertise into your classroom and create unique “beyond the classroom walls” experiences for your students.

Create a digital library of successful, shareable lesson plans or teaching techniques.

Develop cross-disciplinary lessons plans and projects.


Build New Tools


Create a school or rooftop garden and develop lesson plans using the garden.

Build a mobile science activity cart and develop lesson plans using the cart.


Important Dates

April 2018 2018 grant decisions announced
August 2-3, 2018 2018 Awardee Convening
October 2018 New application cycle opens

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