(photo as shot - group of 4) We are learning about mindfulness to help our students be more...

(photo as shot - group of 3) We are connecting math to real world issues in health, engineering & entrepreneurship.

(photo as shot - group of 2) We are blending Project Based Learning and Maker Ed to empower children to make change.

( 5x 4 crop) We are designing a scope and sequence for special needs educators to explore the common core standards at each life level.

( 5x 4 crop) We are empowering students to pursue their college dreams, while keeping them engaged and motivated when things get tough.

( 5x 4 crop) We are learning how to design and maintain systems for teachers to continuously learn and teach together.

(original ratio) We are making language learning fun and engaging through hands-on projects.

(original ratio) We are striving to reach new heights in second language acquisition.

(original ratio) We are strengthening our Spanish teacher professional learning community to improve student engagement.

We are developing relevant curriculum that leads students to engage with their world.

Utilizing the STEAM model, we are providing project-based enrichment for our school community.

We are supporting teachers in innovating new practices to serve emergent bilingual students as they learn English.

We are traveling to a leading source of innovative literacy instruction to enhance our teaching and improve student engagement.

We are co-constructing a highly effective, self-sustaining STEM teacher community.

We are implementing STEM strategies in our classrooms to send students soaring towards creative solutions.

We are honing strategies to engage all students in critical 21st century skills.

We are visiting other dual-immersion schools and learn about current research to strengthen our own program.