if you could design your own professional development program

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WE HONOR AND INSPIRE GREAT TEACHERS — like you — by funding the professional development experience of your dreams, SO YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE at your school and beyond.

You and your team — a group of teachers — are invited to apply for LIGHT Award funds. Our grants (of up to $30,000 over 2 years) can be used to support your growth as teachers, your effectiveness as educators, and your ability to inspire and mentor students.

Our vision is for the LIGHT Awards program to energize talented teams of teachers by enabling them to pursue the high quality professional training they’ve always wanted, with the support and materials they need to succeed.

We are investing in great teachers, providing the “R&D” funding to transform classrooms, schools and even districts. This unique learning opportunity — selected by and for teachers — brings the best of corporate-style innovation resources to education.

You and your team know best what professional development you need.
We will help you get it.

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Our grants get their momentum from the teachers who drive projects that interest them. But we can’t succeed without your support.

In the application, we ask for a letter from you explaining the support you are able to provide, such as:

  • providing feedback;
  • fostering leadership within teams;
  • providing release time;
  • and remaining open to benefits of teacher-driven innovation at your school.
The LIGHT Award is now open to teachers in selected California counties. See our “Important Dates” (right sidebar) for the timeline for the current application cycle.

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If you’re as passionate as we are about supporting and growing great teachers, we’d love to hear from you. Share info. Explore opportunities to collaborate. Offer your support.
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