Projects We’ve Funded

As of Spring 2022, we have supported the professional learning of over 445 Bay Area teachers as part of 90 funded projects.

Year Awarded




Equity Learning Walk

Bancroft Middle School, San Leandro This team of middle school teachers will cultivate a transformative learning community committed to anti-racist and inclusive education for all students, staff, and families. In the first year of the grant, they will apply the skills from Tovi Scruggs-Hussein’s Emotional Intelligence, Equity, & Inclusion training to design and pilot a […]


Deeper Learning & Stronger Support for Teachers

The Academy of Alameda, Alameda A team of seasoned teachers plans to foster greater passion and engagement in their classrooms by building a professional learning toolkit around Deeper Learning. By attending conferences and participating in site visits at schools with a Deeper Learning curriculum, these educators hope to create more equity and engagement with their […]


Differentiation through Student Self-Efficacy

Schafer Park Elementary, Hayward This team of elementary school teachers wants to learn best practices in developing differentiated instruction to meet students at their current academic levels. With the pandemic widening gaps in competencies for students, these teachers plan to develop a toolkit that meets students’ specific needs, whether they are intervention, self-paced learning, or […]


Improving Outcomes for Multilingual Scholars through Collective Capacity Building

San Leandro High School, San Leandro This team of dedicated high school teachers will deepen their focus and support of multilingual scholars. By attending seminars, participating in book study, and engaging consultants, the team aims to educate itself on anti-racist, socially-just education, and then build its collective capacity to provide students with high-interest content using […]


Studying Climate Justice Through Science, Art, and Action!

International Community School, Oakland This team of elementary educators will develop 4th and 5th grade Climate Change/Environmental Justice units that teach climate science grounded in the environmental justice concerns of their community. These units will integrate climate science into Spanish and English language arts, as well as visual arts, theater arts, and engineering projects. They […]


PBL Pilot: Empowering Oakland

West Oakland Middle School, Oakland This team of middle school teachers plans to implement Project Based Learning (PBL) at our school. The team will attend trainings with the Buck Institutes and PBL Works to better understand how to design and implement a PBL curriculum. By expanding their knowledge of pedagogy and working across disciplines, these […]


Know Better, Do Better – The Science of Reading

Longwood Elementary, Hayward Burbank Elementary, Hayward Schafer Park Elementary, Hayward This team of primary grade teachers strives to learn more about evidence-based best practices to support early reading acquisition for all students, including English Learners and students with disabilities. By attending training sessions with a variety of professional development providers like The Reading League, as […]


Indigenous Voices in the Music Classroom

Oakland Unified School District This team of teachers plans to learn more about the musical origins and current practices of its schools’ indigenous communities and grow its curriculum and practice. The first year, the team will learn from local culture bearers and leaders. The second year the team intends to work with these community partners […]


Literacy GLADiators

This team plans to empower their emerging multi-lingual students and teachers with powerful literacy instruction through neurology-based and culturally responsive language acquisition strategies.


Integrated Learning for Equity

This team will increase their learning and leadership skills with Arts Integration and Culturally Responsive Teaching in order to support growth and learning with colleagues throughout their district.


Facing History’s Professional Learning Community for Ethnic Studies

This team from across the Bay Area will launch a professional learning community focused on learning and growing in the area of Ethnic Studies.


Building a Community of Literacy Leaders

This team of teachers plans to level up their existing Literacy Inquiry Group by attending literacy and EL trainings and partner with experts.


Berkeley High School World Language Makeover

This team’s goal is to modernize their World Language Department by training in teaching strategies that focus on communication and meeting the national standards created by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL).


Amplifying Student Voice: Developing Teachers to Support East Oakland’s Young Writers

This team will regularly meet with the Bay Area Writing Project (BAWP) coaches to design a project-based, action-oriented, writing curriculum that integrates expository, persuasive, and narrative writing into standards based social studies and science units.


Revving Up for Dual Immersion

This team of teachers at a newly Dual Immersion (DI) school will focus on teacher preparedness as their school transitions to be a DI program.


Increasing Access to AP Curriculum for Language Learners

This team of teachers aims to support the unique literacy needs of English Language Learners taking Advanced Placement classes by engaging English Language Development (ELD) experts. San Lorenzo High School, San Lorenzo


Deepening Mathematical Practices and Improving Student Access to College Math

This team of six high school math teachers with a 100% English Learner population at their school are seeking to improve college math readiness in their school community.


Revolutionizing How Students Engage With Climate Change Education

These four high school teachers will develop climate change units through four disciplines (life science, earth science, chemistry, and physics).


Project Based Learning to Improve Equity in Learning

Five middle school teachers endeavor to learn the skills for, gain exposure to, and create a sustainable culture for project-based learning at their school.


Cycle of Inquiry Committee Looking Closely

This team of six middle and high school teachers will systematically consider their students’ learning, with a structure of collegial discussion focused on data. As teachers, classroom time occurs rapidly with little time to think deeply.


Spanish Teacher Professional Learning Community

The team of six elementary-level Spanish Dual Language teachers are pursuing professional development in second language acquisition.



The team of four elementary school professionals identified the need to create and maintain an embedded ELD program that is woven throughout their curriculum in order to support their 52%-ELL student population.


Transformational Teacher Mentoring

The team of five high school teachers and one middle school teacher at four schools across the Bay Area are part of the Trellis Mentor Fellowship, through which they have all made a five-year commitment to mentoring new teachers.


Project Based Learning with a Maker Mindset

The team of four elementary school teachers will pilot a Project Based Learning (PBL)/Maker-Centered program.


Interdisciplinary Real World Challenges

The team of four middle school teachers will work collaboratively on Project-Based Learning (PBL) techniques to address two pressing student needs: increase student readiness for Algebra 1 and improve English/Language Arts writing skills across subject areas.


Improving Mathematical Literacy: School Wide, TK – 12

The team of five teachers, spanning elementary through high school, will engage in a two-year study around best practices to improve mathematical literacy.


Reading Lab Sites

The team of three elementary school teachers will conduct “job-embedded” professional development in the form of lab-sites (action research in the classroom during the course of an entire lesson) to help increase the effectiveness of classroom Reading Workshops.


Peer Coaching: Using Video in Collaborative Inquiry Groups

Six full-time teachers will become facilitators of Collaborative Inquiry Groups (CIGs) aimed at improving literacy in all subject areas.


Inquiry into ELD

The team of three middle and three high school teachers will design and investigate their own inquiry questions on best practices in English language development.


Blended Practices to Achieve a Project-Based Learning Culture

The six team members will pursue professional development opportunities in Blended Practices, with the objective of ensuring that students gain the technical and communication skills necessary for a rapidly changing workforce.


Deepening Student Engagement: School Wide, K-12

The four-member teaching team, spanning first through tenth grade, will engage in a two-year study of best practices in student engagement.


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