Projects We’ve Funded

As of Spring 2024,we have supported the professional learning of over 500 Bay Area teachers as part of 105 funded projects.

Year Awarded




Engaging Diverse Youth through Strong Dual Immersion

Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 Community School, San Francisco Our project focuses on increasing our school community’s knowledge & abilities around best practices for teaching in a Spanish Dual Immersion (DI) program. Through study (common texts, conference presentations, school tours) & discussion, our grant team will become experts & will share their knowledge through a […]


Operation RISE Above

KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory At this team’s school, every staff member serves as an advisor to a cohort of 12-16 students (a ‘RISE’) from freshman year to graduation. The team of teachers plans to create a professional learning series that codifies the expectations and supports for teaching lessons during daily RISE time, mentoring advisees, […]


Investigating Illuminated Inequities as an Opportunity to Transform

Sherman Elementary School, San Francisco A team of six elementary school teachers will engage with professional learning provider Feathership to create a structure and space for an Equity Centered Professional Learning Community. Feathership will strategically partner with the team and facilitate monthly workshops on radical self-love and anti-racist leadership. Through its learnings, the team will […]


Meaningful Integration of Special Needs Students in PE

This team plans to implement the Unified PE curriculum, bringing together special education and general education students in an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance.


Writing Achievement for All: A Path for 9th – 12th Grade

This team of high school English and social science teachers will integrate engaging, effective, grade-appropriate writing strategies in their curricula to create a pathway for lesson planning and instruction from 9th to 12th grade.


Math Teaching for Inquiry and Problem-Solving

The team of elementary school teachers will use inquiry to research, plan, teach, observe, and reflect on math lessons that they give in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade classrooms. Teachers will design curricula through this process, with continuous analysis and discussion to improve practices and outcomes.


Content Area Literacy in the Digital Age

This team of six teachers at 5 different school sites across the Bay Area aims to deepen teacher knowledge of digital literacy and adult learning while supporting each other in adapting instruction to support 21st century learning.


Si Se Puede: (Re)Building Community Through Teacher Development

This five-member Dual Immersion (DI) Leadership Team will attend a series of conferences/workshops and meet monthly to focus on professional readings, analyze teacher and student work, and develop tools and resources.


Project Based Learning to Develop Language Skills

This team of six elementary school teachers hopes to create a culture of Project Based Learning using open-ended and collaborative projects to increase student engagement and language skills.


Improving Personalized Learning: School-Wide, 4-8

The team of elementary and middle school educators aims to 1) create a cohort of faculty leaders to design and implement a personalized learning program to meet the needs of individual students, and 2) expand personalized learning to all classrooms within their school.


Assistive Technology Team

The five-member special education team will attend the 2018 Assistive Technology Industry Association Orlando Conference.


Mathematics and Industry Curriculum Redesign

The team of five teachers in the high school math department seeks to authentically integrate career pathways into math curricula, fulfilling Common Core Standards while amplifying student engagement.


Making ELD Hands-On for New Speakers of English

The team of six elementary school teachers at a newcomer school will be pursuing professional development to reinvigorate their teaching of English Language Development.


Transformational Teacher Mentoring

The team of five high school teachers and one middle school teacher at four schools across the Bay Area are part of the Trellis Mentor Fellowship, through which they have all made a five-year commitment to mentoring new teachers.


Building NGSS Knowledge and STEM Education

As their school district moves towards adopting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the six member, K-5th grade teacher team will pursue professional development to transform their science and math instruction to help students develop a design thinking mindset.


Culture of Mindfulness

The team of five high school teachers, representing a variety of subject areas and grade levels, will participate in a series of mindfulness courses and retreats over the course of two years.


“¡Adelante Juntos!” Developing a Dual Immersion Model in a Blended Program

The team of six, including elementary and middle school teachers and reading intervention specialists, will spearhead the re-envisioning of their school’s K-8 Spanish/English dual immersion program.