Community Building

In July 2022, the Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation hosted its ninth annual Awardee Convening honoring recent recipients of the LIGHT Awards grant. As the first in-person convening since 2019, awardees from the previous three years were all invited to celebrate their projects and build community. An inspiring group of nearly 40 teachers representing 13 projects attended this 2-day meeting at Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos, along with the Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation team. Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation President and Founder Karen Leshner encouraged attendees to take a “nourishing pause” to rest and get inspired while at the event.

 The Story of Self and Us


For the professional learning portion of this year’s Convening, Rosi Greenberg from Drawn to Lead facilitated sessions on public narratives. In the sessions, attendees crafted and shared stories of resilience, inspiration, and shared values. Rosi described powerful stories as having elements tied to recognizable emotions, vivid and detailed moments, and a clear structure. As educators, Rosi stressed the importance of captivating students and imbuing passion through their words. She also shared how, through telling powerful stories, attendees and their project teams could empower others to walk alongside them and learn together.

Team Building

In addition to sharing stories, attendees spent time reflecting on their project and planning how to structure positive team environments. Attendees identified and shared their core values, which can be a valuable starting point to building effective teams. As well, it allows for individuals to name their own strengths and find meaning through their work, including their LIGHT Awards projects.

Teams also participated in community building activities. Taking advantage of the amazing location on the beach, teams created sand sculptures that exemplified their core values and working styles. After participating in reflective activities on storytelling and values, the sand sculptures came alive with stories of trust, camaraderie, and passion! 

Visioning Poster

Complementing her public narrative work, Rosi also created beautiful, personalized, and inspiring posters to reflect each of the LIGHT Awards teams and their project journeys. These posters have become a personalized and lasting gift to teams since 2019, and many teams hang these posters in a shared space to remind them of their project’s “north star.”

Favorite Moments

Each summer, LIGHT Awards grant recipients are invited to a Convening like this one. Below, you can see some favorite moments from this year’s gathering. (click to enlarge)