Projects We’ve Funded

As of Spring 2023, we have supported the professional learning of nearly 450 Bay Area teachers as part of 96 funded projects.

Year Awarded




Reading Lab Sites

The team of three elementary school teachers will conduct “job-embedded” professional development in the form of lab-sites (action research in the classroom during the course of an entire lesson) to help increase the effectiveness of classroom Reading Workshops.


Spanish for Native Speakers Professional Learning Community

The team of six Spanish language teachers currently teaches Spanish heritage speakers without the support of textbooks, networks or pedagogical training aligned with their student populations.


Peer Coaching: Using Video in Collaborative Inquiry Groups

Six full-time teachers will become facilitators of Collaborative Inquiry Groups (CIGs) aimed at improving literacy in all subject areas.


Inquiry into ELD

The team of three middle and three high school teachers will design and investigate their own inquiry questions on best practices in English language development.


STEM Writing Project

Five K-8 teachers will pursue STEM teacher professional development with a focus on experiential, project-based science education that will strengthen students’ writing proficiency.


Blended Practices to Achieve a Project-Based Learning Culture

The six team members will pursue professional development opportunities in Blended Practices, with the objective of ensuring that students gain the technical and communication skills necessary for a rapidly changing workforce.


Deepening Student Engagement: School Wide, K-12

The four-member teaching team, spanning first through tenth grade, will engage in a two-year study of best practices in student engagement.


Bringing AVID Back

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a four-year program dedicated to closing the achievement gap by providing underrepresented students with the support and tools needed to navigate through the rigor of A-G requirements and prepare them for college.


World Language (Japanese)

The team of four Bay Area Japanese teachers seeks to invest in more productive networking circles to overcome the limitations of the typically small, “one-man-program” Japanese language departments in their schools.


Important Dates

Oct 5 – Nov 14, 2023 LOIs Accepted for 2024 Grant Cycle (rolling submissions)
By mid-Dec 2023 Invitations to Apply Extended to Selected LOI Submissions
Spring 2024 LIGHT Awards Grants Made

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