Projects We’ve Funded

As of Spring 2022, we have supported the professional learning of over 445 Bay Area teachers as part of 90 funded projects.

Year Awarded




Social Justice and Empowerment Through Literacy and Dialogue in English Classes

This team to implement and improve curriculum in their English department to make it more relevant to 21st century notions of social justice and empowerment.


Meaningful Integration of Special Needs Students in PE

This team plans to implement the Unified PE curriculum, bringing together special education and general education students in an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance.


Literacy GLADiators

This team plans to empower their emerging multi-lingual students and teachers with powerful literacy instruction through neurology-based and culturally responsive language acquisition strategies.


Integrated Learning for Equity

This team will increase their learning and leadership skills with Arts Integration and Culturally Responsive Teaching in order to support growth and learning with colleagues throughout their district.


High School Teachers in Lodi Making Sense of Earth Science

This team will learn and adopt new Earth and Space Science content knowledge to support student success in next generation science classrooms.


Facing History’s Professional Learning Community for Ethnic Studies

This team from across the Bay Area will launch a professional learning community focused on learning and growing in the area of Ethnic Studies.


Equitable Grading Strategies through Portfolio Projects

This team plans to build student-centered classrooms through relevant curriculum and equitable structures for student feedback.


Developing Teacher Leaders for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The team plans to study best practices for facilitating Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) with the goal having the same intentionality for educator staff meetings as the plans they make for their students.


Complex Instruction at the International School of Monterey

This team plans to deepen their knowledge of effective teaching practices and, in the process, build the capacity of the math team to serve as peer coaches.


Building a Community of Literacy Leaders

This team of teachers plans to level up their existing Literacy Inquiry Group by attending literacy and EL trainings and partner with experts.


Berkeley High School World Language Makeover

This team’s goal is to modernize their World Language Department by training in teaching strategies that focus on communication and meeting the national standards created by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL).


Amplifying Student Voice: Developing Teachers to Support East Oakland’s Young Writers

This team will regularly meet with the Bay Area Writing Project (BAWP) coaches to design a project-based, action-oriented, writing curriculum that integrates expository, persuasive, and narrative writing into standards based social studies and science units.


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