On December 1, 2016, five LIGHT Awards team members from Lafayette Elementary School attended the “Linking the E and M in STEM” workshop at the Museum of Science in Boston. The Building NGSS Knowledge and STEM Education team shares about their experience:

This 2-day PD, focusing on a “Bridges” unit, had us out of our seats, measuring heights, figuring out mean, median & mode, and racing toy cars over model bridges we designed. This was a well-paced training given by knowledgeable presenters who continuously had us making math connections throughout the unit’s very engaging, hands-on engineering lessons. Having ample time to delve into the curriculum really helped to break down and clarify each section of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum units.


Attending this EIE workshop as a team helped us all get on the same page with the language used in the engineering design process which has made the discussions in our professional learning community much richer. Of course, we also enjoy sharing stories about our adventures in Boston!


Thanks to the LIGHT Awards for making this unique learning opportunity possible!

Lafayette Elementary team at EiE Workshop
Lafayette Elementary team member at EiE Workshop
Lafayette Elementary team outside Boston Museum of Science