Taking Flight at John McCandless STEM

The LIGHT Awards program proudly celebrates the team of teachers at John McCandless STEM Charter School, who began their LIGHT Awards journey in 2016. Their project, Taking Flight, gave five teachers the opportunity to partner with professional learning service providers to learn about STEM and Project-Based Learning (PBL) design and implementation. Over the course of two years, team members collaborated to write vertically aligned STEM PBL, all based around the concept of flight. This massive undertaking resulted in the now annual Flight Museum, a campus-wide open house that invites students to share all they’ve learned with their parents and community.
In the words of Team Lead Jessica Wagner:

“We were so fortunate to have this opportunity and it’s something that has now become part of our school culture. I don’t think there’s any way we could stop doing this museum because it’s so exciting, and the kids look forward to it every year!”

Learn more in this video.