Piedmont Hills High School, San Jose
Oak Grove High School
San Jose Silver Creek High School, San Jose
Independence High School, San Jose

Five high school world language teachers at schools across San Jose seek to train teachers in implementing the proficiency levels of language to better assess students and to use comprehensible input as the main method for teaching fluency. With an increase in fluency as the primary goal, teachers will collaborate closely to adopt new methodologies to increase the students’ fluency in the language.

They will engage in trainings on Comprehensive Input (CI) and Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) to achieve their goals. They will become leaders in the field of teaching fluency and measuring proficiency in the language and share out their learnings across their district to promote further fluency amongst students.

Participating Team Members – 2019 LIGHT Awards Convening

Important Dates

Early December 2020
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